Towards a new approach to large-scale additive manufacturing

Explorer un nouveau modèle de fabrication de vos pièces en métal

's mission is to produce high-volume metal parts using additive manufacturing. We provide other alternatives oriented on innovative solutions compared to conventional methods such as casting using the DED process (direct energy deposition) with wire for material input - WAAM principle.

specializes in the production of parts on demand.

The service is particularly adapted for :

  • Prototyping / small and medium production
  • Reloading of parts
  • repair of parts
intelligent robotic additive manufacturing technology


In close cooperation with our industrial partners, we are developing intelligent robotic additive manufacturing technology. A hybrid robotic cell, combining an additive and subtractive process by machining, with real-time control of the manufacturing process.


  1. CAD / 3D part
  2. Slicer / Cutting of the part according to the layer height
  3. Path Strategy & Simulation
  4. Additive manufacturing
  5. Part control
  6. Part Finishing / Finishing
  7. Final check


Part volume1 cubic meter on 5 axes on rotary table
> 1 cubic meter on 3 axes on fixed platform.
Materials Aluminium - Stainless steel - Steel-alloy + titanium (future development)

pièce en fabrication additive

Turbine impeller AlSi5 (en)
2 Tubes Joint AlSi5 (en)
Propeller blade Stainless steel


Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) uses electric arc welding to deposit material layer by layer.

Today, WAAM is the technology that offers unique potential and flexibility in the additive metal manufacturing revolution.

The main advantages of WAAM technology lie in its freedom of design , its reduced environmental impact and a wide variety of available materials.


Reduce production lead times

by "producing" quickly custom parts, one-offs and functional prototypes.

Reduce material costs

by producing parts in exotic materials and/or with high added value.

Producing controlled parts

Producing quality parts aligned with castings through real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process.

Controlling materials

by working on new materials, by working on the assembly of several materials (solution in progress).



EDER : Holding / Incubator of projects

Creating in 2007 by Etienne Willmann. Entrepreneur who accompanies the new economy through innovative and reasoned sectors.

TSE : Production of solar energy

Production of green and renewable energy via wind and photovoltaic led to the creation of the EDER group. We carried out the study and implementation of wind and photovoltaic parks of high power (>250 kw) in western France. Today, TSE operates a number of photovoltaic power plants that it owns.